Integrating pinax-webanalytics quite simple::

    {% load pinax_webanalytics_tags %}

and then toward the bottom of the body where you put your scripts:

    {% analytics %}

If you want to add certain specific activities you can use the activity API in pinax-webanalytics like so:

from pinax.webanalytics import activity

activity.add(request, "mixpanel", "track", "Node Viewed", {
    "node": self.get_object().title,
    "user": request.user.username

You would typically want to call this within a view where you had some activity you wanted to track that was more transactional than could be determined by simply a certain page view.

The parameters for this are the request, the kind, then the method that is used on the kind’s javascript API, followed by a list of args that will be passed to that javascript API.

AdWords Conversion Tracking

Load the template tags as above:

    {% load pinax_webanalytics_tags %}

then toward the bottom of the body, include:

    {% adwords_conversion "waitinglist" %}

where the argument passed to adwords_conversion is the key used in PINAX_WEBANALYTICS_ADWORDS_SETTINGS to provide the conversion id, label and format.